Bullying or Invisible, The Choice of a Child

When you are in school or even at home there are times you are happy when you are invisible. There are many programs about bullying now and I am glad some children are being kept from the cruelty, but are they really being saved? The problem is if you tell on the bullies, they usually make it worse for you, sometimes teachers just overlook it as normal child behavior and there are times the bullying is not just coming from school but from extended family and from home.

As I continue to work on my life memories and my book on Rejection I remember the many times I was one of the children being bullied but then I also remember how often I was grateful that I was invisible both at school and at home. I just prayed everyday that I could somehow blend in with the background all day so i was never noticed.

I was overweight from the time I was nine years, old so when we would play a game at school and I would fall there would be a comment like “Here comes an earthquake, Danay’e just fell.” or sometimes you heard the traditional chant of “fatty fatty 2×4” as I walked across the room. The sad thing is this didn’t just come from classmates or stop and school, it came from cousins with the same name calling and choosing games they knew I couldn’t play because of my weight. I even had an uncle that would call me Natalie, referring to Natalie off of “Facts of Life” because she was a little overweight. Adults would try to get my bullying to stop, at school they would tell the kids to stop but it didn’t; at home the cousins just laughed and continued making fun of me and my uncle would even be told by other family members to leave me alone and he would just bully me even more.

I am so grateful that many are trying to take on the subject of bullying but until we can figure out how to help kids from being bullied even more when they tell on their offenders, we get parents and other adults to stop children from bullying other children at home and we keep the adults from bullying the children, the children are going to continue being bullied and suffer the harmful consequences. With those options, the children will just hope and some pray they can just be invisible.

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